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KakaoTalk is one of the best VoIP and SMS apps available.

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  • Simple interface
  • Quick response when using SMS
  • Voice call quality is good


  • Locked to a single device
  • Searching for contacts is hit-or-miss

Very good

KakaoTalk is one of the best VoIP and SMS apps available.

How KakaoTalk works

KakaoTalk started as an SMS service that could connect users from different parts of the world but now it also allows for free voice calls. Using your phone number, KakaoTalk creates a user profile that is connected to it allowing for calls and messages.

You can also create a KakaoTalk profile so other users can find you. For friends who live in different countries, it is easier to use a username than using the general search. The app also allows for group messages and photo sharing.

The Plus Friends feature lets you "connect" with many Korean pop stars which is kind of a gimmick, but shows updates from pop groups in South Korea. KakaoTalk's best use is when you are traveling overseas and still want to connect with friends via Wi-Fi without costly international rates.

Other useful features of KakaoTalk include the ability to send multimedia (photos, and voice and video messages), participate in group chats, and apply voice filters, featuring characters from Talking Tom and Ben.

There's plenty of fun to be had with KakaoTalk, thanks to mobile game add-ons and a wide range of amusing emoticons that you can insert into yor chats.

Fast and functional

The service that KakaoTalk offers over data or Wi-Fi connections is great, since Wi-Fi is usually available in most countries, KakaoTalk is the best way to stay in contact with friends back home through voice and text. It is less bloated than Skype and offers a quick interface and function.

The verdict

KakaoTalk is one of the best SMS and voice apps available.




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